Handwriting Improvement

Brief History about Handwriting

Communication initiated in the ancient days, only in the verbal form adapting cultural rituals and generations passing stories from one to another. Written communication came into existence in the form of pictorial inscriptions to standard pictorial presentations. Mohan-jodaro & Harrapan civilization adapted the pictorial form at its best in their daily use through Seals and Mudras. Writing is a form of simple coded symbols which are used by a specific community to interact with each other through repeated use, generally known as “language”. Available records suggest three major cultural developments in writings namely Sumerian-cuneiform, Egyptian- hieroglyphs, Chinese-kanji. Pictorial representation later became ideographs evolving themselves beyond the original drawings, representing ideas. The ideographs were written from top to bottom, left to right, or right to left. Phonetics was the combination of various shorter ideographs.

Why Smartkids ?

As you will agree with me that Handwriting Improvement program is a need of every children but affordability in India is a main hindrance in reaching this program to the targeted children. We at Smartkids feels that Education is not meant only for rich children but it has to reach masses. In order to make Handwriting Improvement program to reach every niche and corner of India we would like to offer a quality Handwriting Improvement program at very reasonable price so that affordability should not come in picture. Enclosed please find details how IES is much more economical than any other program available in India.

Basic Idea About Handwriting

Handwriting plays an essential role in helping us to achieve the required skills for a better personal and professional lifestyle, in a positive and powerful manner. Handwriting identifies the sub-conscious and conscious traits of an individual's personality. If a child struggles with handwriting, the ability to express one's self suffers. His writing gives a negative impression which says that the child's personality is slow and messy. This further leads to impaired reading skills and poor formation in spellings and hampers maths also, with which the marks of the child in examination also deteriorates.

In the current day and age we have started considering handwriting as an outdated concept. We do not place much importance in handwriting as modern technology has equipped us with ways and means where handwriting doesn't focus in our daily routine. Though it aims to provide convenience we tend to forget that this could have negative effects by causing us to forget correct spelling and grammar. Whereas, handwriting teaches spelling and writing in a manner which connects us deeply towards the language it is being written in.

A common belief in society is that a person’s handwriting cannot be improved after reaching a certain age. The Institute of Handwriting Technology took it upon themselves to shatter this common belief and proved that this is just a myth. We devised a course with 100% results in individuals at all ages. Improving handwriting and reading abilities is a guarantee which we assure for our students.

Handwriting analysis proves to be a powerful psychological tool supported with scientific evidence. It is a technique of observation and interpretation, based on classified knowledge.

Indian Educational Services is here to provide excellence and training for handwriting analysis by offering unique and specialized techniques, suited to the various styles of handwriting

Targeted Segment of Students

  • Children in the age group of 6 years & above
  • Children who can write alphabets
  • Children with plentiful imagination
  • Children who fear with writing
  • Children who lack self-confidence
  • Children who would like to improve academically with sound handwriting

What is Handwriting Improvement Program?

Mostly teachers parents insist students to write properly neatly, write big or small, write slowly beautifully etc. but nobody tells them how to write. We at Smartkids teach student "HOW" to write. Here at Smartkids, we teach and concentrate on the right way of writing, sitting, holding pen or pencil creating and joining fonts. This program helps to write fast & effectively. With practice one will improve his writing as well as increase the speed. We give special and constant attention to each alphabet while training, because each alphabet has its own strong and unique effect. There is no short cut for improvement of Handwriting, Practice and dedication is the only ways to get good handwriting. It is a simple, practice based curriculum. Here we teach how to create and join fonts how to write in flow.

Importance of Handwriting To Students

Most children today are lacking in reading and writing skills. These skills are important for adult life, and developing them early on is important to a child's future success. Encouraging a child to read by rewarding them with custom trophies or custom plaques can help develop a child's love of reading and writing. Parents must be responsible for helping their children develop into adulthood, and developing the communication skills that reading and writing entail is a vital step in this developmental process. Handwriting is a key that links all these things together. It may not seem important to us in today's society, but handwriting is a powerful learning tool that is on the decline and needs to be taught to every child.

In today's culture handwriting seems outdated. Our culture these days relies so much on symbols, fast food signs, traffic signs, brand names in television commercials, that the words involved are often an afterthought, or not present at all. In addition, computers and printing make handwriting seem out of date and a practice that is no longer needed as children can learn to just type whatever they need to write. Texting makes people leave out a lot of the letters, which is great for convenience, but can be detrimental, causing people to forget how to spell the real words. Handwriting counteracts all these detriments, teaching people spelling and writing and connecting them more intimately with the language they are writing in.

Writing and reading go hand in hand. When we write something our brain must read and process it several times. Handwriting is important too. Handwriting is a reflection of a person's individuality, and its development can reflect the development of an individual. With printed word there is a more standardized text, lacking the personal touch of someone's handwriting. This makes printed word less personal and creates an emotional disconnect between the written word and the reader, experts argue. Without personality, printed word is impersonal and cold. This is why developing a child's handwriting skills is so important. There are certain standards for handwriting, but these are only how to hold the pen or pencil, the direction of writing, and the basic shapes of the letters being written. But after children learn how to do these basic steps, they can continue on and express their personality through the way their letters are written. Many experts argue that handwriting is an essential part of a child's learning process. Research shows that when kids have poor spelling, their lack of handwriting skills carry over into other subjects. In math, a child may get their numbers backwards or misspell words because their handwriting skills are not up to par. When children have to think more about handwriting, they can't think as much about whatever they are writing, whether it be writing in a history class or in a math class. When children don't have to think about handwriting consciously, when it becomes an automatic process, they perform much better at in other areas.


To motivate the children Smartkids provides an official certificate after completion of program, which shows the child,s strength & area of improvement.

Talent education begins in young Kids

Handwriting Improvement Program enables development of lifetime skills, which form a solid academic foundation for children. Our successful step by step guidance and motivational teaching method will effectively activate children’s latent mental power and develop them utmost in Analytical, skills, creativity Observation. Children become self reliant & self-confident.

Some Facts about Handwriting

  • Handwriting identifies to the conscious and subconscious traits of an individual personality. If anyone struggles with handwriting, they suffer from the ability of self expression.
  • Slow Hand writers have problems with poor motor mind co-ordination, spelling, letter formation, word shapes and discrimination between upper and lower case.
  • Once the motor and mind co-ordination is established properly and the motor becomes automated the student’s mind are liberated to implement new ideas more creatively and effectively in daily routine.
  • Boys have higher frequency of handwriting problems then girls at initial ages.
  • Regardless of his ability, student’s legibility and speed in handwriting are major factors determining a student’s achievement.
  • Fluency in handwriting is a fundamental part of learning. The child thinks and writes at the same time, when we teach the children to write, we also teach them How to express themselves. If they struggle to form their letter, their ability to express themselves suffers. Children who doesn’t master handwriting may be slow, sloppy or illegibility in writing. Spelling and math are also affected.
  • Handwriting is a brain’s writing. One can judge an individual’s mind state, personality from his writing style, pressure, slant, space and from margins etc. At different mind state writing differs and each time it will tell different story about the writer.

Some Funny drawbacks of Handwriting

  • At least 1 in 10 patients' health suffers because of physicians' handwriting. According to a study by the University Of Minnesota School Of Public Health, illegible handwriting and transcription errors cause over 60% of the medication mistakes in hospitals.
  • A plane crashed in December 1992 ... because of poor handwriting. The pilot misunderstood the co-pilot's scribbled notes and instrument readings. Acting on this wrong information caused the crash and resulting deaths.
  • Similarly, internal investigation of a 1965 NASA failure revealed the surprising cause: an engineer's misread instructions.
  • San Diego literacy researcher Patrick Groff has documented that at least one out of every three school teachers writes so illegibly that the students have trouble reading blackboard lessons, assignments, or the teacher's corrections on written work. This plainly makes learning - and teaching - a hazardous process.
  • HOLIDAY HANDWRITING HAVOC: UK postal system destroys 5,000,000 illegibly addressed Christmas cards and letters
  • Each year the United States loses over $200,000,000 for handwriting-related reasons.
  • People make phone calls to wrong or non-existent numbers. ...
  • Courier firms deliver packages on the wrong dates or to the wrong addresses, or ship the wrong items.

Course Structure

The program is structured language-wise i.e. each language program consisting of 15 hours period. The child has to attend the class for duration of 1-hour daily for 15 days. On completion of each language program , a test will be administered and based on its success the child will get the certificate.