Vedic Maths an Overview:

The "Vedic Mathematics" is called so because of its origin from Vedas. To be more specific, it has originated from "Atharva Vedas" the fourth Veda. "Atharva Veda" deals with the branches like Engineering, Mathematics, sculpture, Medicine, and all other sciences with which we are today aware of.

This wonderful method is re-introduced to the world by Swami Bharti Krishna Tirtha ji Mahaharaj, Shankaracharya of Goverdhan Peeth. "Vedic Mathematics" was the name given by him. He was the person who collected lost formulae from the writings of "Atharva Vedas" and wrote them in the form of Sixteen Sutras and thirteen sub-sutras. The subject was received largely due to the efforts of Jagadguru Swami Bharti krishna Tirthaji of Goverdhan Peeth, Puri Jaganath(1884-1960). It is being taught in some of the most prestigious institutions in England and Europe.

Even NASA scientists applied its principles in the area of artificial intelligence. Vedic Math’s forms part of a JYOTISH SHASTRA which is one of the six parts of VEDANGAS.

The Jyotish Shastra or ASTRONOMY is made up of three parts called Skandas. A skanda means the big branch of a tree shooting out of the trunk.

Indian Vedic Maths:

  • “Indian Vedic Mathematics” is a system of reasoning and mathematical working based on ancient Indian teaching called Veda. It is fast, efficient and easy to learn and use.
  • Indian Vedic Mathematics, which simplifies arithmetic and algebraic operations, has increasingly found acceptance the world over.
  • IVM provides answer in one line where as conventional methods require several steps.
  • It is an ancient technique, which simplifies multiplication, divisibility, complex numbers, squaring, cubing, square and cube roots. Even recurring decimals and auxiliary fractions can be handled by Vedic Math's.
  • IVM mental or one or two line methods can be used effectively for solving divisions, factorization, HCF, squares and square roots, cube and cube roots, algebraic equations, partial fractions, Pythagoras Theorem, and so on. Indian Vedic Mathematics is a Complete and Comprehensive program. This program has been running for last 18 months at Various Centers in UP, Uttaranchal, Haryana & Delhi, and has been very successful. Students are finding it useful in applicability part also in accordance to the school curriculum.

This program is divided into 3 levels.

  • Level – 1
  • Level – 2
  • Level – 3

Each level is of 3 months. It is useful for children from class VI & above, where Abacus Education in particular has no role to play. Moreover, the content of the program is such which has not been covered by any Vedic Math’s Program available till date.

Power of Vedic Mathematics:

  • How much time would you take to DIVIDE 89786756543423980876 by 132346765434356574635?
    Let us say up to three places of decimals. Five Minutes......? Ten Minutes.......? Thirty Minutes.....? Or you would simply leave it....
  • You would say that it is not required as this big division is not asked in any of the examination. We fully agree with you. But would like to point out something....Small divisions say four or five digits divided by five or six digits appear in all the examination. Imagine, what would happen if you start doing it in less than 30 seconds.....We are serious. You can do it in less than 30 seconds...

Benefits of Vedic Mathematics:

  • It helps a student to solve mathematical problems 10-15 times faster.
  • It helps in intelligent Guessing. (Knowing the answer without solving the problem)
  • It reduces burden (need to learn table up to 9 only).
  • It is an amazing tool to reduce scratch work & finger counting. Being unique, it brings instant recognition to its practitioners.
  • It increases concentration, image memory, confidence & sharpens grasping power.
  • It helps in IQ development & provides cross checking methods enables a high degree of accuracy.
  • It provides direct applicability in school curriculum for classes VI to XII.
  • It provides multiple way to answer make students more creative & confident.
  • Its formulae are very effective in solving numerical part in physics & chemistry. So it is very useful for those students who are preparing for entrance test for IIT, AIEEE, CAT, MAT, Maths & Science Olympiads & other competitive exams.
  • Experts suggest that it could be a handy tool for those who need to solve mathematical problem faster by the day.

Age Group:

12Years and above

Course Content:

Complements, Addition, Subtraction, Vinculum, Multiplication, Squares, Fraction, Splitting of Numbers, Vulger Fraction, Ratio, Proportion, Multiplication Vinculum, Square Vinculum, Cubes, Division, Triple Multiplication, Multiplication Ratio, Multiplication Algebra, Sum & Difference of Squares, Pythagorean Triplets, H.C.F., Square Root, Cube Root, L.C.M., Square Root Algebra, Divisibility, Algebraic Division, Splitting into Factors, Factorisation.